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Arriving at your place, we measure and record the exact dimensions and discuss your ideas for the creation of the furniture. The design we will result in will be based on the ideas you give us.


Based on your ideas and our experience in interior design we give solutions especially for you. According to the scale of the project the 3D design will probably demand one or more meetings in our offices.


The creation is based on the solution you have chosen. The furniture is constructed totally in our carpentry and we give you the opportunity to visit and supervise our work in a pre-chosen state of the production.

Delivery – Installation

We undertake delivery and complete installation of every piece you have ordered in the place you want it. Delivery and installation takes place by specialists in order to make sure that everything will arrive intact in the best possible way.




Home Solutions

Over the last 30 years we give solutions and materialize the thoughts of the people that trust in us for their home the best possible way.


We understand the importance of the image of a business company so we are here to work with you and make your working space distinctive, after all specific design is our specialty.

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